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While there are more than 150 Pedaling For Parkinson's programs throughout the country, for many people, the nearest option may be more than 100 miles away.  Adding to that the impact of the global pandemic, most all in-person programs shut down in 2020.  Common web meeting technology helped us quickly bridged the gap, but more important, it made the classroom available to people living with Parkinsons literally anywhere!

Today, most of the previously existing in-person programs are re-opening and participants are returning to their favorite location while our PFP-online classes keep expanding.  In fact, we're busy helping programs ramp up to do both in-person and online from the same location, at the same time!



It's easy to start a Pedaling For Parkinson's program that fits your specific situation.  Get started here: 

  • Click on the Get Started button, below.

  • Complete the online request form.  Be sure to indicate the appropriate host type.

  • Review and complete the PFP License Agreement and associated documents.

    • An agreement is required to license the use of the program name and logo, protecting the trademarks, and ensuring support from PFP.  
  • Class Leaders

    • While no specific certification is offered or required by PFP, instructors familiar with indoor cycling, equipment, and cycling in general is highly encouraged.  To help cycling instructors understand the program, protocol, and symptomatic effects of Parkinsons, they are required to view the videos on the Instructors page. Hosts should prepare class substitute leaders to adhere to the regular schedule when the lead instructor is unavailable.  

  • Participants 

    • Of course, once you’ve got all the pieces in place, you’ll need participants!  Download the Start-up Guide and, once licensed, we'll add your site to the PFP Locations map. You'll also find valuable resources to help you get things going (COMING SOON).

Please let us know how we can assist you.  From accessing the appropriate documentation to financial support, click here to connect with PFP.

The adjacent video will help you understand the set-up process and provides a good way to plan your schedule.  The video features some classes in action and participant testimonials. 

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