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PFP Online -

Like everyone, the COVID global pandemic shut down our network of cycling studios from coast-to-coast and again, like everyone, we found ourselves hosting Pedaling for Parkinsons online. Looking more like Hollywood Squares, Zoom allowed us to keep classes going so you could manage your Parkinsons symptoms, maintain your strength, stamina and general health good.

We started with a pilot program from the APEX Parks & Recreation District in Colorado in April 13, 2020 and added a class in the Eastern Time zone.  We're looking for others to lead classes such that we can offer a PFP classes as many times a day, every day of the week. If you're interested in hosting an online classes, contact Tom.  

To participate, you will need an internet enabled device (cellphone, iPad, tablet, laptop, etc.) and access to an indoor, stationary bike, such as:  

  • Bicycle Trainer Stand
  • Indoor Exercise Bike
  • indoor Stationary Studio Bike

Participants are encouraged to wear proper cycling apparel and specific accessories:

heart-rate monitor  [recommended]

  • padded cycling shorts​ & comfortable shirt.  

  • clip-in shoes  [recommended]

  • water bottle​

  • cadence monitor  [recommended]

Other cycling accessories may be helpful

  • seat pads, gloves, etc. 

Be Prepared


PFP Online - Tom

Mon Wed Fri   11:30AM CT

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PFP Online - John

Tue Thu Sat  8:00AM CT

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PFP Online - Stacey

Tue Thu Sat  2:30PM CT

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Beginning Tue March 7, 2023

To join an online class, click the JOIN NOW button, complete the online application, and review the Waiver of Liability and Hold Harmless agreement. 

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