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Pedaling For Parkinson's

Pedaling For Parkinson's was founded by Dr. Jay Alberts, a neuroscientist and researcher at the Cleveland Clinic, and Cathy Frazier, a woman living with Parkinson's disease. Riding a tandem bike at RAGBRAI in 2003, they discovered that cycling reduced Cathy's symptoms. With Dr. Alberts guiding the bike and Ms Frazier on the back, she noticed something interesting after the day's ride. She felt like she didn't have Parkinson's anymore!  

The Pedaling For Parkinson's program is a form of “Forced Exercise” on a bicycle. Participants ride for 1 hour - a 10 minute warm up at 60 RPMs, followed by 40 minutes at 80 RPMs, and a 10 minute cool down at 60 RPMs. For convenience, most programs are offered on indoor, stationary bikes.


Participants riding 3 days a week over 8 weeks have shown improvement in their Parkinson's related symptoms by as much as 35%.  Hundreds of people with Parkinson's disease have participated in studies with Dr. Alberts; many with the same results!


Pedaling For Parkinson's classes meet every week in locations across the country.  CLICK HERE to find a class near you.

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