Riding an indoor, stationary bicycle has been shown to reduce Parkinson's disease symptoms by as much as 35%!

And, it's something almost anyone with PD can do at a Pedaling for Parkinson's class near you.

Participants ride for 1 hour - a 10 minute warm up at 60 RPM, followed by 40 minutes at 80 to 90 RPM, and a 10 minute cool down. 

Join a Pedaling For Parkinson's indoor cycling group near you and Exercise Your Brain !

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Sadly, we learned the passing of our friend, Bill Hinkle.  An avid supporter of Pedaling for Parkinson's, Bill joined our PFP RAGBRAI Team on many occasions. Diagnosed with Parkinsons in 2003, Bill never let the disease or his battle define him.  He was a man of character and a wonderful husband, father and grandfather.  We will miss him.   More

Denver UPDATED Jan 14, 2021 - While most recreation and fitness facilities remain closed across the country, Pedaling for Parkinson's (PFP) is expanding online options to help people living with Parkinson’s bridge the time between now and when we can return to the hundreds of PFP authorized cycling studios.  The big question is, how long will that take and what will PFP look like on the other side?  

For more information about Pedaling for Parkinson's Online, click here.  Follow this page for updates on bridging the gap. 

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Pedaling For Parkinson's offers indoor stationary cycling classes

developed specifically for people with Parkinson's disease. 

Pedaling For Parkinson’s is a national 501(c)3 nonprofit based in Cleveland, Ohio.  

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